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Annual Fund

More than 90% of SBU students receive scholarship support.  SBU is a Christ-centered, caring academic community dedicated to preparing our students for a life of purpose and a fulfilling career.  As times get tougher, sacrifices are made; at SBU we don’t want a quality, Christian education to be sacrificed due to tough economic times!

When you give to the Unrestricted Student Aid (U.S.A.) Fund, you are investing in the lives of SBU students. It is more than an investment into students’ academic endeavors; it is a statement that you believe in them and in the Christ-centered future God has called them to.  The U.S.A. Fund exists to provide life-changing, Christian education at SBU for those students with great potential, and great financial need. 

Every gift to the U.S.A. Fund helps bridge the gap between financial need and attending SBU.  All students benefit from the generosity of U.S.A. Fund donors.  By giving to the U.S.A. Fund you will make an immediate difference for today’s SBU students.  I encourage you to consider sponsoring a student for a day.  The tuition-based cost to attend SBU per student per day is $119.82.  Will you consider making a donation of $119.82 to the U.S.A. Fund?  SBU students will be calling you during our annual Phonathon to tell you more about how you can make a difference by supporting the U.S.A. Fund or give now to help us reach our goal!