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Department of Behavioral Sciences


Dr. Kevin Schriver
Kevin Schriver
Kevin Schriver
Dean of College of Education and Social Sciences
Professor of Psychology
Southwest Baptist University
1600 University Avenue,
211 Gott Educational Center

Bolivar, MO 65613

Education and professional background: Schriver received a B.S. in Psychology and Religious Studies from Southwest Baptist University; an M.S. in Clincial Psychology from Central Missouri State University; and a Psy.D. from the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. He began teaching at SBU in the fall of 1989 and teaches courses in the areas of sports psychology, physiological psychology, and statistics. His primary area of research interest is sports psychology and he serves as a member of the American Association for Sports Psychology and is the NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative for SBU. Prior to coming to SBU, Scriver was a psychologist for the Missouri State Department of Mental Health, in the Division of Mental Retardation and Development Disabilities.

Family: He has been married to Denise since 1986 and they have three children, Lauren, Alex and Mackenzie. Lauren and Alex are both SBU alums and Mackenzie is a current SBU student.

Community involvement: Schriver is very active at Second Baptist Church in Springfield, Mo., where his wife also serves as the children's minister. Schriver assists his wife in her ministries, serves as the children's summer camp pastor and teaches two adult Sunday school classes. Schriver is also on the Board of Directors for the Stained Glass Theatre in Ozark, Mo., a Christian theater started by his father-in-law, Ron Boutwell, who was a long-time SBU theatre professor, Schriver's wife, and a couple other college students about 30 years ago.

Why did you choose to teach at SBU? "Of course being my alma mater, it made sense to at least give teaching at SBU a try. But as I have been here, my main passion is to pass on good solid psychological thinking to our students. There is a definite way in which the discoveries and the discipline of psychology intersect with the truths of the Bible. And the more I have taught about lens of the Christian worldview as it relates to psychology, I believe the heart, soul, and mind of humans can be successfully investigated so as to provide guiding help and determining interventions for mental health."

What sets SBU apart from other universities? "I believe at least two things are key here at SBU in setting us apart from other schools. First, we believe and feel comfortable with integration of the Christian faith with the various disciplines which are offered here. And second, we take the mission of the university seriously in all of its parts, because that is what guides and drives us to be a unique and valuable partner with our students in higher education. These are why we like to be known more as a “teaching” university, which helps us get to know students, care about their academic progress, and mentor them with moving on to the next big phase in their lives. So they too can complete the mission God has for them."

What advice do you have for prospective students? "Just know this, the hard work and investment you make in your education is something that no one can take away. In the end, you come out not just more educated, but you have more appreciation for the development and discipline it took to get there, and you have an understanding of the value of being a learned, contributing member to a career or profession. Additionally, the call of God in your life really helps to direct your path, so be willing to listen and be led by His will. And know that a lot of that goes on here at SBU, too."

What is your favorite thing to do in Bolivar/Southwest Missouri? "Truly, I like three things: First, since my wife is a theater person down to her DNA, I like going with her to movies and plays and musical productions of all types. Second, I like to play golf when I can. I can’t claim to be any good, but it is a fun challenge. And third, I really like hanging out with my kids, because they are fun to be around—so if it is all of us together, then practically anything in southwest Missouri would be my favorite thing to do."