SBUBolivar, Missouri Est. 1878

Doctor of Education at Southwest Baptist University

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

Degree Requirements

EAD 8003: Leadership and the Law (3 credit hours)
EAD 8023: Educational Advocacy (3 credit hours)
EAD 8033: Advanced Research and Ethics (3 credit hours)
EAD 8043: Advanced Statistics and Instrument Design – (3 credit hours)
BUS 6012: Organizational Consulting Practice (2 credit hours)
EAD 8013: Leadership in Learning (3 credit hours)
EAD 8001: Symposium Planning and Development (1 hour)
EAD 8053: Ethics in Personal/Professional Life (3 credit hours)
EAD 8011: Education Symposium (1 credit hour)
EAD 8073: Directed Research (3 credit hours)

Written and Oral Comprehensive Exams
Directed Research/Dissertation (6-36 hours credit) (twelve semester maximum)