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    The mission of the Honors Program is to prepare servant leaders who are recognized for their accomplishments and excellence in academics, intercultural experiences, and spiritual development.
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    Jodi Meadows
    Honors Program, Interim Director
    (417) 328-1460

A Message from the Director

It is my pleasure to invite you to consider the Honors Program at SBU. The Honors Program provides a unique learning environment for high ability students who wish to be challenged to develop as whole persons. In addition, the program seeks to cultivate a love of learning that results in wonder, humility, and service. We believe that we learn so that we can love others. To this end, we seek to nurture students in four areas of life: academic, servant leadership, intercultural, and spiritual.

The Honors coursework is substantive and engaging. Unlike some high school honors work, it is not simply harder or more work. Instead, through smaller class sizes, the faculty members are able to encourage deep learning in the context of relationship and discussion. The majority of the honors coursework meets general education requirements and adds a minimum number of hours to a student’s required coursework. In addition to the general education coursework, the Honors Colloquium offers a forum for stimulating, intellectual discussion on a variety of topics, and the Honors Capstone Experience presents students with the opportunity to complete research in their chosen field with a professor in their area of study.

In addition to the academic coursework, the SBU Honors Program encourages students to become active in the university life through service, leadership, and spiritual development. Honors scholars are invited to attend various concerts, plays, art exhibits, and lecture series, at no cost. Honors students have enjoyed productions at Juanita K. Hammons Hall such as STOMP, Ring of Fire, Movin' Out, and Ballet Hispanico, the Our National Parks Exhibit at the Ella Corothers Dunnegan Gallery of Art, and Josef Luptak, a Slovakian cellist who performed on the SBU campus. In addition to attending cultural events, selected students will meet fellow honors scholars at the regional meeting of the National Collegiate Honor Council.

The Honors Program at SBU gives students a variety of opportunities: cultural events, enriching coursework with honors professors, one-on-one research with a professor in your field, and a community of fellow honors scholars. Space in the program is limited to the thirty most qualified freshmen in each class. Please consider the Honors program as one of the avenues for personal growth during your undergraduate studies. Feel free to contact me if you have questions at or 417.328.1460.

All the best,
Mrs. Jodi Meadows, MM
Dutile Honors Program, Interim Director