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Killian Health Center at Southwest Baptist University

Frequently Asked Questions

SBU Killian Health Center

1. Are your services available to families of married students?    Yes

2. Are your services available to families of faculty/staff?   Yes

3. Does your office handle the SBU student health insurance? Yes

4. Do you give prescriptions?   No, but we do give out over-the-counter medications such as cold medicine.

5. Do you give the meningitis vaccine? No, students may contact the Polk County Health Department (PCHD) at 417-326-7250. This vaccine is free at PCHD.

6. Do you give allergy injections? Yes. We give allergy injections when the patient has been seen by an Allergist and has the extract and the allergy schedule from his/her doctor.

7. Does it cost anything?
The only charges are $3.00 for a throat culture and $3.00 for TB skin test, if needed. We charge our cost for immunizations. Students may borrow crutches, heating pads, etc. at no charge unless they are NOT returned, at which time we charge the student’s account.

9. Can you send me a copy of my immunization records?
Yes, we can give that information, provided you sign a Release for Immunization Records.

10. Do I have to make an appointment?
It is to YOUR advantage to have an appointment, because walk-ins follow those who have made appointments. Our phone (417) 328-1888.

11. Is the Nurse there?
The Health Center is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, during SBU’s annual fall and spring semesters and varied hours during the January and summer (June and July) term sessions.