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General Art Major at Southwest Baptist University

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Impact the world through visual arts.

The degree in General Art gives the student a solid yet flexible foundation in the visual arts, and is also appropriate for those planning to pursue graduate study in studio art.

The SBU Advantage

  • A broad and varied exposure and foundation to visual problem solving and critical thinking.
  • A productive instructor/student ratio and learning environment
  • Various opportunities for students to exhibit, research and network in preparation for a professional career in the visual arts.

Engaged Learning

Students are given hands-on practice during class in the department’s graphic design studio, drawing studio, painting studio, and sculpture/ceramics studio.

Course Information

Art Core courses total 46 hours and include art history and a variety of art techniques, from drawing to printmaking. Optional concentrations in Two-Dimensional Studio or Three-Dimensional Studio each require an additional 18 hours.

A General Art minor is available with one studio track chosen from these options: Drawing, Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, or Graphic Design.


  • Performance scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding ability in art. They are available to current SBU art majors, high school seniors and transfer students who are declaring art as their major.
  • Two private scholarships are available for art majors, The Dunnegan Scholarship and the Earl & Gloria Shell and Sharon Shell Garrison Scholarship.

Internship Opportunities

Students have undertaken internships with studio photographers, corporations, campus marketing and communications, and hospitals.

Portfolio review

All art scholarships require a portfolio review. A portfolio should consist of no less than 10 to 15 examples of quality work, with 5 to 10 examples being in one area of emphasis (drawing, painting, etc.), and no more than 20 works. Digital portfolios on a CD or DVD are preferred, but portfolios containing original pieces of art are also accepted. Any actual original work that is not “fixed” should have a cover sheet to protect it from being smudged. A portfolio containing traditional photographs of works is also acceptable.

Scholarships will be awarded upon faculty review.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates hold jobs as teachers, graphic artists, photographers, and design directors and are prepared for graduate school to pursue an M.F.A. degree.

Special Features

  • Art exhibits: All art majors are required to keep a portfolio of their work and present a comprehensive exhibit of work approved by the department during their senior year.
  • Driskill Gallery: The Driskill Gallery is the department’s gallery where faculty, students, and visiting artists’ work may be displayed.

Degree Requirements

ART 1103 Design
An introduction to basic two-dimensional visual design through the use of traditional materials and tools to investigate line, shape, value, texture and color with an emphasis on spatial relationships.
ART 1203 Drawing I
An introduction to traditional drawing through an understanding of basic principles of composition, proportion and perspective. Emphasis on representational drawing, drawing methods and drawing tools and materials.
ART 2003 Photography I
An introduction to the use of camera technique and photograph processing. Emphasis on creative photographic composition, editing, critique and presentation of printed work.
ART 2013 Ceramics I
An introduction to basic clay production techniques including hand-building, wheel-throwing and basic glazing applications.
ART 2023 Scultpure I
An introduction to basic three-dimensional design, principles, concepts and production techniques.
ART 2033 Painting
I An introduction to basic water-based painting on canvas with an emphasis on representational, painterly composition.
ART 2203 Drawing II
An intermediate drawing course through creative use of, and experimentation with, a variety of drawing media.
ART 2703 Introduction to Graphic Design
Introduction-level course to be concerned primarily with basic issues and topics in graphic design. The course will introduce vector-based, paint-based, and layout-capable software applications through studio lecture, in-class exercises, and a variety of project assignments.
ART 2803 Art History I
Illustrated study of architecture, painting, sculpture and applied arts from prehistoric times to the Italian Renaissance.
ART 2813 Art History II
Illustrated study of architecture, painting, sculpture and applied arts from 14th through 20th century.
ART 3033 Painting II
An intermediate exploration of painting with an emphasis on creative approaches to imagery, content and technique.
ART 3103 Printmaking
A course concerned primarily with commercial printing and/or traditional printmaking issues and topics.
ART 4001 Senior Seminar
This course is designed to facilitate preparation and presentation of the Senior Show. It should be taken in the last semester of coursework for both General Art and Commercial Art majors. Art Education majors cannot take this course the semester of student teaching; generally, it should be taken the semester before student teaching. A portion of this class will also be used to facilitate student preparation and departmental assessment of the Senior Portfolio Review prior to the Senior Show or Exit Exhibition.
6 hours of Upper-Level ART Studio Electives
Choose one of the following:
ART 3813 Fibers
An introduction to the knowledge of various fibers and their use.
ART 3003 Life Drawing
An advanced drawing course with a concentration on the representation of the human figure.
30 additional hours of Art Electives, General Electives, 2nd Major, Minor, or Studio Concentration