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Pre-Engineering Program at Southwest Baptist University

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Form a Christian foundation in engineering.

Spend the first two years of your higher education learning in SBU’s Christian academic environment and then transfer to Missouri Science and Technology to complete an engineering degree in aerospace, ceramic, chemical, civil, electrical, geological, metallurgical, mining, nuclear or petroleum engineering or engineering management.

The Department of Chemistry and Physics administers the Pre-Engineering program.

Degree Requirements

First Year, Fall Semester -- SBU

MAT 1195 Analytics and Calculus I
This course studies graphs, functions, plane analytical geometry, limits, continuity, derivatives, velocity-acceleration, rates of change, maxima and minima, differentials, the Mean Value Theorems for integrals and derivatives, antiderivatives, definite integrals, area, and methods of finding volumes.
CHE 1115 General Chemistry I
A study of the fundamental laws and theories involved in chemical changes. Topics will include atomic theory, thermochemistry and nuclear chemistry. Stress will be on the solving of mathematical problems which illustrate the principles of chemistry. The course is designed principally for students planning on careers related to the natural sciences. Four lectures, one laboratory each week.
ENG 1113 English Composition I
Expository writing based on a study of essays. In addition to the writing of essays, a student will write a research paper.
UNI 1111 University Seminar
This course is designed to acclimate students to campus life and to the mission of SBU. It is also designed to develop time management and study skills and explore personality typing and career choices. This course must be taken during the first semester a student attends SBU.

First Year, Spring Semester -- SBU

MAT 2255 Analytics and Calculus II
This course examines derivatives and integrals of functions and their inverses including exponential and logarithmic functions. It also investigates techniques of integration, further applications of integrals, sequences, series, polar coordinates, applications of parametric equations, and conic sections.
CHE 1125 General Chemistry II
A continuation of CHE 1115 covering chemical equilibrium, oxidation-reduction, acid-base theory, thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, the basics of coordination chemistry, and an introduction to organic chemistry. Four lectures, one laboratory each week.
ECO 2033 Principles of Macroeconomics
Study of the basic principles of macroeconomics designed to give a broad understanding of the economy. Emphasis upon aggregate problems and issues considered important to the nation.
UNI 1121 Introduction to Critical Thinking
This course is designed to promote awareness of a personal value system as well as to promote the use of critical thinking skills in the study of issues in today's society. This course must be taken during the first year a student attends SBU.
Three hours of elective course in Humanities/Social Sciences

Second Year, Fall Semester -- SBU

MAT 2263 Analytics and Calculus III
This course examines curves and surfaces in three dimensions, derivatives and integrals of functions of more than one variable, and vector calculus.
PHY 2215 University Physics I
A rigorous calculus-based physics course emphasizing mechanics, heat and wave motion. Designed for pre-engineers, computer science and physical science majors. Four lectures, one laboratory period each week.
POL 1113 American Government
Origin, organization and policy of United States government at the national, state and local levels. Encourages citizen participation and leadership in democratic processes beginning at the community level. Fulfills the Missouri statutory requirement.
6 hours of elective courses in Humanities/Social Sciences
Choose one of the following:
HIS 2213 History of United States, 1492-1877
Political and social survey of United States history from colonization to the end of Reconstruction.
HIS 2223 History of United States, 1877-present
Political and social survey of United States history from the Gilded Age to the present.

Second Year, Spring Semester -- SBU

MAT 3363 Differential Equations
This course studies explicit and power series solutions of certain types of linear differential equations, boundary value problems, solving differential equations using applications of Laplace Transforms, and various real-world applications of differential equations.
PHY 2225 University Physics II
A continuation of PHY 2215, emphasizing electricity, magnetism and optics; introduction to atomic physics. Four lectures, one laboratory period each week.
PHY 3233 Mechanics (Statics)
Application of the principles of vector mechanics to problems of equilibrium. Topics include resultants, equilibrium, trusses, centroids and moments of inertia. Designed for pre-engineers and physics minors. Three lectures each week.
Three hours of electives in Humanities/Social Sciences