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Spanish Major at SBU

Degree Requirements

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Curtis Goss
Assistant Professor of Spanish
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The ability to communicate in other languages gives an advantage in today’s global society.

At SBU, we train tomorrow’s leaders to be servant leaders in a global society. By studying Spanish, students learn another language while also understanding the people, their literature, and their culture.

The SBU Advantage

  • A Teaching Minor in Spanish for extended certification in grades K-9 is available.
  • Various opportunities are available for students to travel to Spanish-speaking countries for language acquisition and cultural immersion.
  • SBU’s Spanish major provides a balanced approach to the study of conversing, writing, and reading in the Spanish language while also emphasizing the study of the people and their culture.

Engaged Learning

Spanish majors at SBU have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Spanish-speaking cultures to advance their language skills while at the same time making a positive impact in the lives of those with whom they interact. Each January, Mr. Goss, assistant professor of Spanish, leads a team of SBU students to Panama to serve a remote village while also focusing on language acquisition.

Many SBU Spanish majors also participate in other SBU mission trips to Spanish-speaking areas such as Guatemala, Honduras, and Bolivia. This combines their academic study of the Spanish language with their faith and passion to serve others.

Students can also choose to pursue a semester of study abroad opportunities in places such as Costa Rica or Spain through various International Studies programs.

Course Information

A Bachelor of Arts in Spanish requires 36 hours of Spanish courses in addition to 42 hours of General Education courses, 16-18 hours of graduation requirements, and 30-33 hours of general electives or a second major. Many students combine a Spanish major with a major in another academic area to enable themselves to be more versatile and better equipped for future careers. Students also are encouraged to spend at least six weeks in a country where Spanish is the official language.

Degree Requirements

SPA 1114 Elementary Spanish I
Pronunciation, grammar, reading of simple prose, aural-oral practice.
SPA 1124 Elementary Spanish II
Continuation of SPA 1114.
SPA 2213 Intermediate Spanish I
Grammar review, simple composition and conversation, and the reading of short narratives.
SPA 2223 Intermediate Spanish II
Continuation of SPA 2213 with emphasis on reading.
22 hours of the following:
SPA 293(1-3) Special Reading in Spanish
Readings on specific subjects. A theme will be chosen for study.
SPA 295(1-4) Special Topics
SPA 3313 Advanced Spanish Composition and Conversation
The writing of themes and practice in grammar, idioms, and everyday conversation.
SPA 3323 Hispanic Culture and Civilization
Spanish and Latin American civilization, customs and culture from its beginning to present times.
SPA 3333 Survey of Early Spanish Literature
Spanish literature from the beginning to the eighteenth century.
SPA 3343 Survey of Later Spanish Literature
Spanish literature from the eighteenth century to the present.
SPA 495(1-4) Intensive Studies
SPA 497(1-3) Symposia
SPA 499(1-3) Independent Studies
30-33 hours of General Electives or a Second Major