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Associate of Science in Nursing

Associate of Science in Nursing

The Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) education program on the SBU-Springfield campus provides basic foundational nursing knowledge and skills for the registered nurse generalist, and prepares you to sit for the National Council of State Boards licensures examination for Registered Nurses. Completion of the program does not guarantee eligibility to take the licensure examination.

Other programs available for those that qualify include the LPN and Paramedic Bridge programs for those currently possessing a Missouri license, transfer admissions from other accredited nursing programs, and concurrent enrollment in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree completion program.

All general education and prerequisite courses are offered on the Springfield campus, so you may begin your nursing degree program on the Bolivar or Springfield campuses. The University offers a science incentive program to pre-nursing students. If you take the prerequisite science coursework through SBU, you can earn up to $500 per semester of ASN tuition credit for up to four semesters.

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The Mercy College of Nursing and Health Sciences of SBU offers an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) degree on our campus in Springfield, Mo. We also offer an RN-bridge program on our campus in Salem, Mo., for students who already have an LPN or paramedic license.

Springfield campus

Salem Campus


(Graduating ASN students hired as RNs at the time of graduation)

Student Achievement Data

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The SBU Advantage

  • Be equipped for a lifetime of success by a school that is committed to doing what it takes to help you graduate and succeed.
  • Receive a high-quality, Christian higher education in partnership with a nationally recognized healthcare system, Mercy Health System.
  • Further your education while remaining active in the workforce through afternoon and evening classes that work with your schedule.
  • Benefit from small class sizes that provide opportunities for individualized instruction, academic guidance and networking.

Faith Integration

Southwest Baptist University is a Christ-centered university and is committed to the integration of faith and academics in all programs and degrees. Class discussions include open dialogue about how faith impacts the academic discipline. Students are encouraged to consider their own faith and how they will incorporate their faith in their chosen career paths. SBU's goal is to produce academically qualified career professionals who are also servant leaders in today's global society.


To be admitted to the SBU Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) program, please complete the following steps:

  1. Schedule a meeting with an admissions office representative at the Springfield campus by calling (417) 820-5047 or (417) 820-3272.
  2. Complete an application for admission to Southwest Baptist University. Indicate that you plan to attend the Springfield campus.
  3. Request official transcripts. For high school students and college students with less than 12 hours of credit, submit official high school transcript and ACT/SAT scores, along with any college, university or training school official transcripts. For transfer students with 12 hours or more of college credit, please submit official transcripts from all colleges, universities and training programs attended.
  4. Verify receipt of application and all transcripts listed on application with the Admissions Office. Be sure transcripts are updated upon completion of each semester and show in-progress courses.
  5. Schedule a meeting with an academic advisor (for course planning and registration) by calling (417) 820-3266.

Course Transfer Equivalency

Southwest Baptist University maintains a current database of course transfer equivalencies from hundreds of accredited colleges and universities. Students are welcome to search for and find course equivalents for pre-requisite courses and program requirements within the Mercy College of Nursing and Health Sciences degree programs.

Pre-Requisite Courses

General Chemistry (4 credit hours, with lab)
Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credit hours, with lab)
Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credit hours, with lab)
Microbiology (minimum 3 credit hours with lab)

Contact Information

Charlie Hungerford, M.A.
Director of Admissions
(417) 820-3272

Full-Time Faculty

Kimberly Austin, ASN Faculty

Kimberly Austin, Assistant Professor
Lisa Blevins, ASN Faculty

Lisa Blevins, Instructor
Lee-Amy Choate, ASN Faculty

Lee-Amy Choate, Instructor
Heather Daulton, ASN Faculty

Heather Daulton, Assistant Professor
Sheila Gateley, Instructor

Sheila Gateley, Instructor
Phebe Goldsmith, ASN Faculty

Phebe Goldsmith, Associate Professor
Lisa Heiser, ASN Faculty

Lisa Heiser, EPIC/SIms Coordinator
Amy Jones, ASN Program Director

Amy Jones, ASN Program Director
Renay McCarley, ASN Faculty

Renay McCarley, Assistant Professor
Monta Montgomery, ASN Faculty

Monta Montgomery, Associate Professor
Paul Pope, ASN Faculty

Paul Pope, Instructor
Ami Rohr, ASN Faculty

Ami Rohr, Associate Professor
Sherri Young, ASN Faculty

Sherri Young, Assistant Professor
Sylvia Barber, ASN Faculty

Sylvia Barber, Associate Professor
Terri Briggs, ASN Faculty

Terri Briggs, Associate Professor
Gwen Comer, ASN Faculty

Gwendolyn Comer, Assistant Professor
Polly Diehl, ASN Faculty

Polly Diehl, Instructor
Suzanne Givens, Instructor

Suzanne Givens, Instructor
Andrea Gramling, ASN Faculty

Andrea Gramling, Assistant Professor
Amy Hopkins, ASN Faculty

Amy Hopkins, Instructor
Annette Keller, ASN Faculty

Annette Keller, Instructor
Shannon McKinzie, Instructor

Shannon McKinzie, Instructor
Suzie Morrow, ASN Faculty

Suzie Morrow, Associate Professor
Michelle Ramsey, ASN Faculty

Michelle Ramsey, Instructor
Jodie Snider, ASN Faculty

Jodie Snider, Assistant Professor
Sharon Zahn, Instructor

Sharon Zahn, Instructor
Cindy Beasley, ASN Faculty

Cindy Beasley, Instructor
Rebecca Cave, ASN Faculty

Rebecca Cave, Instructor
Karla Conner, ASN Faculty

Karla Conner, Instructor
Shannon Eaton, ASN Faculty

Shannon Eaton, Instructor
Dr. Donna Gloe, ASN Faculty

Dr. Donna Gloe, Instructor
Patricia Hanson, ASN Faculty

Patricia Hanson, Assistant Professor
Carla Hunt, ASN Faculty

Carla Hunt, Assistant Professor
Susan Kramer, ASN Faculty

Susan Kramer, Instructor
Patricia Mickelberg, ASN Faculty

Patricia Mickelberg, Instructor
Lisa Paden, ASN Faculty

Lisa Paden, Instructor
Cindy Reed, ASN Faculty

Cindy Reed, LRC Coordinator
Kellie Soles, ASN Faculty

Kellie Soles, Instructor
Carol Zimmer, ASN Faculty

Carol Zimmer, Instructor

SBU-Mercy College of Nursing and Health Sciences is more than just a school, it is a small close-knit community of individuals who are working toward a similar goal. The faculty takes advantage of every opportunity to help us become exceptional nurses, and as students we endlessly support one another to achieve success.

Leslie Whitley

  associate of science in nursing course Plan


BIO 2204* Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIO 2213 Microbiology 3
BIO 3304 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
CHE 1104 Principles of Chemistry 4
Total hours 15

 (*) BIO 1104 General Biology prerequisite for BIO 2204 or ACT of 24 in Science Reasoning 

year 1

first Semester

NUR 1004 Foundations of Safe Nursing Practice 4
NUR 1014 Intro to Nursing Across the Lifespan 4
NUR 1023 Pharmacology for Nursing 3
CIS 1103 Computer and Information Management 3
PSY 1013 General Psychology 3
Total hours 15

second Semester

NUR 1024 Patient Centered Care I 4
NUR 1034 Patient Centered Care II 4
NUR 1021 Pharmacacology for Nursing II 1
ENG 1113 English Composition I 3
PSY 3063 Human Growth and Development 3
Total hours 15

year 2

third Semester

NUR 2014 Advanced Patient Centered Care I 4
NUR 2024 Advanced Patient Centered Care II 4
NUR 2031 Pharmacology for Nursing III 1
BIB 1013 Old Testament History 3
Total hours 12

fourth Semester

NUR 2034 Complex Patient Centered Care 4
NUR 2035 Nursing Role Integration 5
BIB 1023 New Testament History 3
BIO 2243 Nutrition 3
Total hours 15

This is a proposed guideline. Please check the catalog and see your advisor for your final degree requirements. Southwest Baptist University reserves the right to make changes to degree plans without advanced notice or obligation.
The student is responsible for understanding and completing all general education, degree, departmental and graduation requirements.

Download in PDF format:
Nursing (Associate's) Plan