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Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

Gene Taylor National Free Enterprise Center
Room 203
(417) 328-1714

Mr. Jason Vaughn, Director
(417) 328-1714 | e-mail

Cecilia Dixon, Technical Assistant
(417) 328-1516 | e-mail

Mission Statement:

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness coordinates institutional planning and facilitates the collection and interpretation of institutional and assessment data in order to inform decision making at all levels of the institution for the purposes of promoting student learning and spiritual growth.

Vision Statement:

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness will:

  • Develop, implement, and coordinate strategic planning processes at all levels that result in establishing desirable strategic initiatives, annual goals and action plans.
  • Conduct institutional research for the purpose of informing the planning, decision making and assessment processes of the university.
  • Develop and coordinate a comprehensive program of assessment in order to
    promote continuous improvement in both academic and administrative areas of the university.