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Department of Athletic Training

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Policy and Procedure Manual for Athletic Training

Section 1.0 General Academic

01.01 The University Mission Statement
01.02 The University Vision Statement
01.05 The Athletic Training Education Program's Mission Statement
01.06 NATA Code of Ethics

Section 2.0 Academic Admission

02.01 Application Time Line
02.02 Appointments into the ATEP
02.04 Minimum Criteria for Admission into the ATEP
02.05 Application Procedures for Admission

Section 4.0 Academic Policies and Procedures

04.01 Academic Matriculation
04.02 Academic Probation
04.03 Academic Removal from the ATEP
04.04 Academic Dismissal from the University
04.05 Non-Academic Dismissal from the University
04.06 Credits by Examination
04.08 Incomplete Grade
04.09 Technical Standards
04.10 Attendance
04.11 Behavior in the Classroom
04.12 Warning of Poor Academic Performance
04.13 Academic Advising
04.14 Drug and Alcohol
04.15 Dress Code
04.16 Equipment Utilization
04.17 Individual Instruction
04.18 Athletic Participation
04.19 Time Commitment
04.20 Leaving and Returning to the ATEP
04.21 Transfer Students
04.22 Student Communication
04.24 Address and Telephone Changes
04.25 CPR and First Aid Certification
04.26 Immunization Records
04.28 Laboratories
04.29 Evaluation of Course by Student
04.30 Evaluation of Course by Instructor
04.31 Athletic Training Student Position Description
04.31f Athletic Training Student Position Evaluation Form
04.32 Physical

Section 5.0 Clinical Education Policies and Procedures

05.01 Clinical Experiences
05.02 Reporting to Approved Clinical Instructor
05.03 Documentation of Clinical Hours
05.04 In-Service and Meeting Attendance
05.05 Patient Confidentiality
05.06 Reporting Misconduct
05.07 Student Supervision/ACI Ratio
05.08 Disclaimer and Waiver
05.09 Liability Insurance
05.10 Material Safety Data Sheets
05.11 Universal Precautions and OSHA Training
05.12 Faculty and Student Clinical Involvement due to Infectious Illness
05.13 ATS Supervision
05.14 HIPAA Lecture Policy
HIPAA Training Power Point Lecture
05.16 HIPAA Examination
05.17 Student Travel Policy
05.18 Directed Observer
05.19 Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogen

Section 6.0 Faculty

06.01 Chair, Athletic Training Department's Job Description
06.02 Faculty, Athletic Training Department's Job Description
06.03 Faculty Associate, Athletic Training Department's Job Description
06.04 Clinical Instructor Educator, Athletic Training Department's Job Description
06.05a Approved Clinical Instructor/Assistant AT, Athletic Training Department's Job Description
06.05a12 Approved Clinical Instructor/Assistant AT, Athletic Training Department's Job Description - 12 month position
06.05h Approved Clinical Instructor/Head AT, Athletic Training Department's Job Description
06.06 Academic Release Time
06.07 Clinical Instructor, Athletic Training Department's Job Description
06.07f Clinical Instructor, Performance Evaluation Form
06.08 HIPAA Training
Faculty/Staff HIPAA Training Power Point Lecture
06.09 Medical Director, Athletic Training Department's Job Description
06.10 Physician Protocol
06.11 Professional Dues
06.12 Continuing Education Money and Release Time
06.13 Moonlighting Services
06.14 Professional Liability Insurance
06.15 OSHA Training
06.16 In-Service and Meeting Attendance
06.17 Athletic Training Course Notebooks
06.18 Secretary, Athletic Training Department's Job Description
06.19 Secretary Performance Evaluation Policy
06.19f Secretary Performance Evaluation Form
06.20 Faculty Performance Evaluation Policy
06.20i College of Science and Math Faculty Performance Evaluation Policy and Instructions
06.20if Faculty Performance Evaluation of Instruction Form
06.20fprf Faculty Performance Evaluation Form
06.20ir Annual Performance Evaluation Information Request
06.21 Approved Clinical Instructor Performance Evaluation Policy
06.21aatf Approved Clinical Instructor/Assistant Athletic Trainer Performance Evaluation Form
06.21hatf Approved Clinical Instructor/Head Athletic Trainer Performance Evaluation Form
06.22 Athletic Training Facility Administration
06.23 Clinical Coordinator Job Description
06.23f Clinical Coordinator Performance Evaluation
06.24 Faculty-Student Relations
06.25 SBU Athletic Training - Athletic Clinical Education Classrooms

Section 7.0 Program Evaluation

07.03 Clinical Coordinator's Evaluation of Clinical Setting
07.03f Clinical Coordinator's Evaluation of Clinical Setting Form
07.04 BOC Exam Results
07.05 Student Evaluation of Course and Instruction
07.06 Student Evaluation of Clinical Instruction
07.07 Student Evaluation of Clinical Setting
07.07f Student Evaluation of Clinical Setting Form
07.08 Senior Survey
07.09 Exit Interview

Section 8.0 Athletic Training Services

08.01 Ambulance Coverage
08.03 Confidentiality
08.04 Electrical Modalities
08.05 Documentation
08.06 Exit Medical Assessment
08.07 Exposure to Communicable Disease
08.08 Heat Safety
08.09 Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Hepatitis B Virus
08.10 Insurance
08.11 Lightening
08.12 Medical Disqualification
08.13 Material Safety Data Sheets
08.14 Needle Stick Injury
08.15 Over the Counter Medication Dispensing
08.16 Pre-Participation Physical
08.17 Concussion Management
08.18 Ultrasound and Moist Heat Pack
08.19 Referral to Specialist
08.20 Athletic Training Students
08.21 Athletic Training Lab Hours
08.22 Dead Record
08.23 Hand Washing
08.24 Latex Allergy Management
08.25 Universal Precautions and Infection Control
08.26 ADHD Management
08.27 The Press
08.28 Physical Rehabilitation Referral
08.29 Equipment Check-out
08.30 Dental Injuries
08.31 Drug Testing
08.32 Assumption of Risk
08.33 Cervical Spine Injuries
08.34 Automated External Defibrillator
08.35 Eating Disorder
08.36 Emergency Action Plan
08.37 Exhausted Eligibility Waiver Form
08.38 Ice Pack and Cryocuff
08.39 Impaired Organ
08.40 Iontophoresis Therapy
08.41 Medical History Questionnaire
08.42 Medical Hardship Form
08.43 Parent Information Form
08.44 Try-out Waiver Form
08.45 Release of Information Form
08.46 No Call No Show to Outside Services Appointments
08.47 Family Practice Physician, Position Description
08.47f Family Practice Physician, Performance Evaluation Form
08.48 Orthopedic Physician, Position Description
08.48f Orthopedic Physician, Performance Evaluation Form