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Financial Aid at Southwest Baptist University

Rewarding Achievement

College is an investment in your future, and SBU partners with you to make attending college with us as affordable as possible. Scholarships are one way we make an SBU education possible for outstanding students who bring special abilities to our campus that benefit the university community as a whole. Check with admissions to explore what scholarship opportunities may be open to you. Our staff is here to help you in every way we can.

Four Types of SBU Scholarships

  1. Academic Scholarships — You will be notified shortly after your application is accepted if you qualify for an academic scholarship and how much you will receive.
  2. Church-Related Scholarships — As a Baptist University, it is our privilege to award scholarships to students entering certain types of ministry and also to partner with churches to help build the Kingdom of God by helping encourage Christian service.
  3. Performance Scholarships — SBU offers a number of scholarships designed to both reward and develop a student’s special skills. 
  4. Private Scholarships  — SBU offers several endowed scholarships through private donors that are available to qualified students.