SBUBolivar, Missouri Est. 1878

Marketing and Communications

Logos and Usage

University Color

The official purple color for SBU is PMS 268 (Pantone Matching System). No other purple shades are appropriate to use without prior consent by the Office of Marketing and Communications. Other companion colors to compliment official SBU purple is white, gold and silver.

Logo Usage

SBU uses the seal for all official University communications. There are two variations of the seal that are both copyrighted. One seal has a rope around the outside of the seal, and the other seal has a plain circle. In most instances, the plain seal is the most appropriate choice to use on University communications. The bell tower logo, which was designed in the early 1980s, has been discontinued and is no longer acceptable on any university communication material.

SBU seal, black text

There is one acceptable logo to use for athletic promotion, the official Bearcat logo. Other variations of the Bearcat are not acceptable on any university communication material. Please contact the sports information director for specific information (1799).

Bearcat logo

Typestyles and Other Graphic Design Questions

Consistency is an important part of communicating our message.  University departments please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at 417-328-1803 before designing any publications. Creative services are available upon request.

Please be aware that this document is not designed for classroom use, but for general university communication. For more information or to ask specific questions concerning information contained in this document, please contact the office of marketing and communications at (417) 328-1803.