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Meet Maxie Walker

Allie Meirath

Name: Maxie Walker
Title: Admissions Counselor
Territory: Saint Louis area and Illinois
Phone: (417) 328-1912

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Management

Alma Mater: Southwest Baptist University

Years of Admissions Experience: One

Hometown: Ava, MO

Family: I have a twin sister and three younger sisters, one of whom will be a sophomore at SBU. My parents live in Ava, MO. 

Hobbies: Fashion design, reading magazines, shopping at thrift stores.

What's on my iPod/What I’m listening to: Ben Rector, Fun, Eisley.

Favorite book/book currently reading: Jane Eyre

Why did you choose to work for SBU? After seeing the amazing, caring culture that SBU offered me as a student, I knew as an employee that I would be able to continue in that and help to create the same experience for incoming students.

Favorite thing to do in Bolivar: Angie’s Frozen Custard at Smith’s Express and running to the park.

Favorite college memory: Star-gazing from the roof-top of an abandoned, “haunted” house a few miles out of town.

Tips for success in first year at SBU: Go out of your way to meet people and get involved. The more people you know, the easier it will be to find your niche at SBU and make friends that will be there for you the rest of your life.

Favorite professional sports team: I went to a Chief’s game once…that’s the extent of my participation in professional sports J

What SBU means to me: SBU reminds me of my family: people who you are close enough with to be yourself, who at the same time as making you feel comfortable and accepted, challenge you to become more than you are and live up to your full potential. It is a place with expectations of greatness and the tools you need to make it happen.