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Savannah Hoye

Savannah Hoye knew when she visited SBU that she wanted to become an SBU Bearcat.

“Coming here and feeling the community and the bond between other students and how easy it is to connect with other people here is a really good way to make that final decision about why it’s good to become part of our family,” she said.

During her visit, the Atlantic, Iowa, native saw first-hand the strong bonds and compelling sense of community.

“It seems like everybody is friends with everybody, and I think the center of Christ really brings that out,” she said.

Savannah plays soccer, which keeps her very busy, but she has helped lead Disciple Now events at area churches.

“As much as you go to disciple other kids, you really learn a lot,” she said. “God’s really been teaching me a lot about patience and being patient not just in waiting but in trusting in Christ. Taking a weekend away from school, away from homework and giving it to the Lord has really been amazing for me and working in these kids’ lives and seeing how God can use me and teach me through them, even though I am supposed to be discipling them.”

Savannah enjoys spending time outside, using the University’s Wellness Center, dorm activities and meeting people at Kaldi’s. When she ventures off campus, she and her friends like going to Bolivar’s Dunnegan Memorial Park.

“We grab a sack lunch from the cafeteria and take a blanket and sit at one of the tables there and really just praise God for how beautiful He’s made it,” she said.

Being a liberal arts university also appealed to Savannah.

“When I visited, I really enjoyed my tour guide and the possibility of majors,” she said. “I was undeclared when I came in, so I knew I needed a variety of options.”