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Trinity Griffin

After attending a public high school, Trinity Griffin sought out a Christian university. At SBU, she has welcomed college classes where professors and students can — and do — connect as they freely share their Christian faith.

“Professors connect to students, and students in each individual class connect with each other,” she said. “I like the professors’ aspect of integrating their faith into our class and examples of that and their leadership, as well as praying before tests and before class. I went to a public high school. I had teachers who were Christians and they knew I was a Christian, but to have that connection with my teacher and also everyone else in my class, that is a different dynamic.”

Going to college four hours from home did not intimidate Trinity Griffin. In fact, the social work major from Belleville, Ill., welcomed some distance.

“Going home to Belleville feels like going home, but coming to Bolivar feels like coming home, too. I’m an intern at Freshwater Church, so church members have become like extended family.”

Visiting campus was crucial to Trinity making her decision to attend SBU.

When I came to visit, it felt most like a place where I could be for four years and really enjoy it,” she said.I like the small town and the college town aspect of Bolivar. The atmosphere and the gut feeling of it just really felt right.”

As Trinity participates in campus activities — and helps lead some of them, she continues to grow in her faith through Christian fellowship.

“I like watching the groups of people interact because they have is such a strong dynamic of friendship inside their group but at the same time when you put those two groups together they will have such a strong dynamic of friendship within each other,” she said. “It is like you’re different but we’re still friends, and I really like that aspect of SBU. It makes it really inviting.”