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Smoothing the Way to College Success

It’s a big step sending a son or daughter off to college. Even though you’ve spent your life getting your child prepared for life, college can still be a challenging step for both of you. SBU’s faculty and staff is here to make the transition smooth and successful for both you and your son or daughter in every way we can. 

From our years of working with parents and students, we’ve found that answering certain questions early in the college search process not only leads a son or daughter to making a good decision about college but also strengthens the bond and respect between a parent and college age child.

6 Questions to Ask in Helping Your Child Select a College

1. Does the University offer a major in the field my son or daughter is interested in?

2. Does my son or daughter meet the school’s academic requirements: grades, ACT or SAT?

3. Does the school offer a financial aid/scholarship package that meets our needs?

4. Does the University support our family’s faith and beliefs?

5. Would my son or daughter do well in a school of this size?

6. Are we comfortable with the college’s distance from our home?

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