SBUBolivar, Missouri Est. 1878

SBU Residence Life

Maupin Hall

Residence facility for males
235 W. Austin
(417) 328-1862

Dorm Color: Orange
Dorm Creed: Maupin Creed

" I do so solemnly swear by the power vested in me as a chosen Man *O- Maupin to uphold the qualities that distinguish us as Maupin Men. These attributes include but are not limited to the following: Demonstrating a Christ-like character, Honoring thy Maupin Brethren, Respectin’ the ladies, and having a stinkin’ good time."

maupin setup
Average Room Size: 14' x 11'10"
Ceiling to floor 8'3"
Window Size
(mini blinds provided)
72" x 54"
Bunk Beds 80" x 36"
Tile floor  
Ceiling fan in each room  
Sink with mirror in each room  
Ice and change machines  
TV and Ping Pong table in the lobby