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Wellness Center at Southwest Baptist University

Aerobics Schedule

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Class Descriptions

Aqua Aerobics- Working out in the pool adds 10x the resistance of land & is easy on our joints. Get a great cardio workout & use the water resistance to tone up too.

Ballroom Dance- This special four week class is offered totally FREE with a dance instructor with over 25 years of experience.  You will be taught the full choreography of 2 ballroom dances that can be used at weddings and ceremonies for the rest of your life.  Come with a partner or get one when you come to class but don't miss this opportunity to learn for free what would normally cost hundreds. (4/2/13-4/23/13)

Body Sculpting - A class that should be added to everyone’s workout, an hour of toning & strengthening! We use stability balls, weights, exercise bands, jump ropes & floor mats to firm up our legs, butt, abs, waist and arms. One of our most popular classes!

Burning Xcess Intervals-In this class you will use free weights along with your own body’s resistance in an interval format to shed excess fat and build lean muscle.

Cardio Step- Step aerobics is one of the best ways to get a great cardio workout while strengthening your total body.

Killer Abs - 15 minutes of focused ab work!

Pilates - Uses the body’s own resistance to strengthen & slim down the core area of the body. Feel lengthened & leaner through your abs, waste line and lower back.

PiYo- Salutations, Vinyasa, Asanas, and poses of strength and flexibility blended into the core strengthening exercises of Pilates. A class that will strengthen the entire body with long lean muscles while increasing flexibility and balance.

Knockout- A fabulous cardio kickboxing workout using kick boxing techniques and moves, great work-out for legs, butt, abs and arms.

Rhythms-Academic class: KIN-3043-1. To enroll in this class talk to your advisor.

Stability Ball -This class uses the stability ball to tone and strengthen your entire body.

Stretch & Flex – A time for intense stretching using your own body weight as resistance in a relaxed atmosphere. Focused work on increasing flexibility & balance is part of this class.

Zumba- The most popular cardio workout in the nation right now.  A fun and upbeat class using Latin style dance moves to create a great cardio workout that really works the core of the body.

Policies & Procedures

  1. The Aerobics room is only open to programmed activities and classes.
  2. Appropriate aerobics clothing is required to participate.
  3. Athletic shoes are required.
  4. Only water in sealable containers is allowed in the Aerobics room.