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Wellness Center at Southwest Baptist University

Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall
  1. All climbers must register at the Equipment Issue Desk.

  2. All climbers must complete a Belay Certification Course.
  3. All belays must display a Belay Certification Card issued by the Climbing Wall staff.

  4. Climbers must be on “top rope” with a certified belayer if the feet exceed the “red line” wall height. Climbers failing to observe the “red line” limit will forfeit their climbing privileges.

  5. Climbers must provide a certified belayer. Solo climbing is not permitted.

  6. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to belay. A climber under the age of 16 must be under parent or guardian supervision.
  7. Climbers are required to use ropes provided by the Climbing Wall. Personal harnesses and climbing hardware may be used if first checked by the Climbing Wall staff.
  8. Non-marking shoes must be worn on the climbing wall. Bare feet and boots are not permitted.

  9. Harnesses must be double-backed at the waist and leg loop and checked by the belayer before starting the climb.

  10. It is both the climber and belayer’s responsibility to check, double check, and triple check the climber knot, and belay system before climbing.

  11. Rock Wall climbing and belaying commands must be followed.

  12. Use of chalk is confined to “chalk ball” and is to be carried in a chalk bag. No colored chalk is permitted.

  13. Climbers must remove all jewelry and loose fitting clothing before climbing.

  14. No food or drink will be allowed in the Climbing Wall area.

  15. Only instruction by the Climbing Wall staff is permitted.

  16. Any adjustment or rearrangement of holds is performed by the Climbing Wall staff.

  17. Setting or adjusting of “top rope” or boulder routes is only performed by the Climbing Wall staff.

  18. Climbing on any element of the Wellness Center facility other than the Climbing Wall, will result in immediate suspension of Wellness Center privileges.

  19. Climbers must climb in a safe manner at their own risk.
  20. The Climbing Wall staff has the authority to ask participants to leave the Climbing Wall if actions are considered a hazard to their own or other’s health and safety.