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Wellness Center at Southwest Baptist University

Membership Fees

Students, Faculty and Staff – Admission to the Wellness Center is based on a valid SBU Identification Card. Student memberships are paid through Student Activity Fees assessed at the beginning of each school term, Fall, Winterfest, Spring, and Summer. Faculty/Staff/SBU Retirees memberships are attributable to the SBU benefits package.

Adult memberships are available to adults by making proper application, agreeing to the Wellness Center policies and procedures, and paying membership fees. SBU graduates, Seniors over 65, and Student spouses are subcategories of the Adult membership and subject to the same requirements. Family memberships are available as additions to Adult memberships. Family memberships include spouses and children living in the home. Children must be under 18 years of age or current High school students.

Individual Membership $42.00 monthly / $420.00 yearly
SBU Graduates or Seniors over 65 $28.00 monthly / $280.00 yearly
Student Spouse $36.00 monthly / $360.00 yearly
Family Membership $69.00 monthly / $690.00 yearly