Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Doctor of Physical Therapy

Program Information

The physical therapy department at Southwest Baptist University is dedicated to providing society with physical therapists who engage in the art and science of physical therapy with a Christian worldview. The graduate will be a clinician generalist who is prepared to provide physical therapy services for a diverse population in an evolving society and healthcare environment.

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Application and Admission

The following requirements must be met before being admitted to the physical therapy program at SBU (courses in progress during semester applying must be documented):

  1. Completion of a baccalaureate degree
  2. Documented experience/observation in physical therapy; up to 40 hours will be counted and variety of experience is recommended
  3. Completion of graduate records exam (GRE)
  4. Completion of the following courses with a minimum of a 3.0 prerequisite GPA and at least a "C" in each. Prerequisites should not be taken pass/fail. Course equivalencies must be approved.
    • General Chemistry* — two semesters each with lab
    • General Physics* — two semester each with lab
    • Biology* (human or animal-based biology, anatomy and physiology) — one semester each with lab
    • Statistics — one course
    • Psychology — any two courses (excluding statistics)
    • Exercise Physiology (not required, but highly recommended; students demonstrating successful completion of an exercise physiology course with a "B" grade or higher will be exempt from completing the exercise physiology component of the DPT program)
    • Pathophysiology (not required, but highly recommended)
    • Medical Terminology — one semester is required at a "B" grade or higher; it is not used in calculating the prerequisite GPA; one credit hour minimum expected
      *Courses need to be in sequence from a science-based department
  5. Minimum of 2.75 overall GPA (for all previous coursework or highest degree attained)
  6. International student need to contact the department or consult the SBU catalog for additional requirements, including the TOEFL exam.

Any science-based courses taken seven years or more prior to application to the PT program must submit a Seven-Year Waiver Form for the course to be considered as counting toward a prerequisite.

Ranking of applications will consider criteria established by the core faculty as follows:

  • Prerequisite grade point average (30%)
  • Overall grade point average (8%)
  • References (15%)
  • Observation experience (4%)
  • Written essay/narrative (5%)
  • Preferred attendance (8%)
  • Graduate Record Exam (30%)

Application to the SBU DPT program is made through the PTCAS centralized application database.

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Cost and Financial Aid

DPT Program Costs, 2017-18

Annual Tuition, Fees and Costs:

Tuition $30,000
Curriculum fee $270
Course fee $2,700 (3 year total)
Health fee $40
Technology fee $286
Books and other supplies $1,000

Special or one-time fees and/or costs:

Deposit (goes toward tuition) $1,000
Graduation fee $275
APTA membership (optional) $100
Liability insurance $50
Wellness Center membership (per semester, optional) $135
Intramural fees (per season, option) $10

Scholarships and Financial Aid

As an SBU DPT student, you will have opportunity for various scholarship and financial aid offers. Additionally, you are encouraged to seek out private sources of scholarships and aid.

Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive any aid for which you may qualify, including the Federal Direct Grad PLUS Student Loan. SBU's recommended deadline for submitting the FAFSA is March 15. If you have questions, contact the SBU Office of Financial Aid at (417) 328-1822.

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Further Information

For more details about SBU DPT program financial information, including scholarship opportunities, please download the financial information guide.

Financial Information Guide

alumni magazine

Browse the archives of the annual magazine, "A Healing Mission," sent to alumni of the SBU Doctor of Physical Therapy program. The magazine provides news and updates from the program, stories about Global Health Outreach trips, faculty and alumni spotlights, and more.

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